Nadia Musaitef ?25

Nadia Musaitef

Class Year



Kenosha, Wis.




Spanish and Chemistry

Nadia Musaitef ’25 grew up in Kenosha and spent much of her time by Lake Michigan. Because she always drove past the Carthage campus, the College quickly became her dream school. Now that she is a Carthage student, she is so happy to be part of a supportive community that’s also close to home.

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“I love how small and tight-knit the community is, and I really love the personal relationships that are made here. Carthage is more than just a school — it’s a family.”

Nadia Musaitef, ’25

Faculty mentors

“My professors have been kind, funny, and willing to help no matter what. I am treated not only as a student, but also as a person. All they want is for you to succeed, and they’re more than willing to help you achieve that success.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class so far has been Intellectual Foundations with Professor David Gartner. He’s a truly amazing person and makes class fun. He helped me develop the reading skills needed for future classes.”

Campus involvement

“I’m involved with the Carthage esports team here on campus! I am the team captain for our varsity League of Legends B team, and I’m proud to say that we are undefeated in our season so far. I couldn’t have asked to play with better teammates. Not only do I get to play a game that I love, but I also get to play with people who I consider to be my close friends. It’s been very fun to be one of four females participating in varsity esports — the recognition is amazing.”

Career goal

“I hope to attend pharmacy school after Carthage. I currently work as a pharmacy technician. I really enjoy my job, so I thought, ‘Why not make it my career?’ I love helping people and working with them, and I hope to continue doing that in my career.”

Favorite spot on campus

“I love the area across the street from the A. F. Siebert Chapel. It’s so peaceful to sit there and look at the lake.”

Favorite memory

“As hectic as move-in day was, it has to be one of my favorite memories! I remember feeling so accomplished that I finally made it to college, and I still carry that pride with me today.”

Biggest surprise

“The biggest surprise has been how nice the community is on campus. I wasn’t expecting everyone to be so kind and helpful from the start. Honestly, my experience at Carthage has been truly amazing.”

Advice for other students in your major?

“For anybody considering a biology major, I would tell them to stay focused and determined. There is a lot of work involved in the major, and you need to have the willpower to stick things out when they get tough. Some courses will test you, and it’s your responsibility to learn how to thrive in those sorts of environments.

“Learn as much as you can, never stop questioning, and be bold — don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Your professors are there to help you every step of the way.”